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Feeling 39 (1991) - €64.950,-

Layout below deck: in front 3 separate cabins, toilet, chart table and galley, then partially under the cockpit: table with u-bench. Further aft: aft cabin. Lots of light inside and many hatches for ventilation.

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Hanse 415 (2014) - Sold

Fast sailing yacht, suitable for single or dual-handed sailing. Exceptionally fully equipped and up-to-date. Never been in rental. 

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Van de Stadt 43 Ketch (1989) - € 69.500,-

This ship was designed with the intention of going on a long sailing trip. What first stands out about this vessel is its low silhouette, slender shape and beautiful smooth working deck with a low superstructure behind the first mast. The far aft cockpit is well equipped.

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Baltic 37 (1979) - €49.000,-

This Baltic 37 is very well maintained and has always been inside during the winter. Sails are like new, renewed teak deck glued, not screwed, the  hull is some years ago by the yard stripped bare and with 7 layers of gel-shield protected, the hull is put in the DD-lacquer by professionals and the anti-fouling is renewed in 2022. The interior still looks good with little traces of use. read more


Vollenhovense Bol (1992) - €45.000,-

Solidly built Vollenhvense Bol. This type of ship is very popular among classic flat- and round-bottomed vessels. Originally built for the shallow IJsselmeer, but now one of the most popular classic ship types.

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Velmare Vagabond 47 (1980) - Sold

The Velmare Vagabond 47 is a spacious, live-aboard, mid-cockpit cruising ketch with three cabins, including a large owner's aft cabin plus saloon and two toilets. Large deck space and a deep sheltered cockpit.

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Noordzeebotter 17.50m (1931) - €170.000,-

Very stylishly converted North Sea cutter, Beautiful low, vaulted superstructure and well-walkable, spacious decks.

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Klassieke Griffiths ketch  (1980) - €21.000,-

Beautiful classic ketch, built to a design by Maurice Griffiths, a writer and designer of coastal sailing yachts famous to connoisseurs. This vessel is built entirely in steel, with some stainless steel elements, such as the fender around the vessel. Only the characteristic deckhouse in the barge deck is wood, the rest of the ship and deck is all steel - so low maintenance compared to the old Griffiths designs. 

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Bavaria 46 Cruiser (2006) Sold

Spacious and very well-maintained sailing yacht, currently lying in the western Mediterranean.

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Romilly 22 (2007) sold

Die Romilly ist ein moderner Klassiker, der von dem bekannten Designer Nigel Irens entworfen wurde. Entworfen mit der Idee, dass eine ganze Welt erkundet werden kann, wo andere Schiffe nicht können. Die Romilly ist mit einem 150 kg schweren Ballastschwert ausgestattet,

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Contest 34 (1977) - Sold

Spacious family boat with three separate sleeping cabins and comfortable cabin. The ship is holiday-ready and has no overdue maintenance.

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Franchini 45 (1999) - Sold (Kas, Turkey)

A well thought-out interior, built with the highest quality standard, inspired by Northern European yards like HR, Najad or Malö), adapted to Mediterranean requirements. 

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Reinke M10 Aluminium (1987) - Sold

Well thought-out design, with twin keel and deck saloon. Comprehensive equipment for long sea voyages. A fine deck saloon with good all-round visibility and a large cockpit with helm and steering wheel. The twin keels ensure a very shallow draught of 125 cm. Because of the double keels, this ship can easily dry out.

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Mystic 60 (1989, refit 2020) - Sold

SAEMIAS is a beautiful German Frers design, a fast ketch rigged sailing yacht, suited for a small crew and long stays at sea. She has undergone a thorough refit (300k) in the past 2 years

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One-off 40 (1992) - Sold

Very well maintained sailing yacht. Good living space with fore and aft cabin. Central cockpit. Excellent sailing characteristics. 

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Ramrod 45' (1959) - € 67.000,- +++ Oostende (B)

This unique classic racer is now for sale. The hull and deck have been completely restored and are in excellent condition. There is a separate steering cockpit at the back and another for the crew. Below deck there is room for 8 with ample space in the sitting area, a galley, chart table and main cabin   Read more...


Vermolen zeeschouw (1978, refit 2021) - €34.000,-

Beautiful Vermeulen sea scow. Vermolen boats are known for their beautiful sails and good sailing characteristics.

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Beneteau Oceanis 390 (1987) - Sold

Very well maintained Oceanus 390. Spacious family boat with two sleeping cabins and two toilet/shower areas. The deck is well walkable and the cockpit spacious. The ship sails well and also the sails are of good quality.

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Baltic 39 (1978) - Sold

Like the Baltic 37, the 39 was developed by Rob W. Ball, C & C Design Canada with deck and interior design by Baltic's own people. The design was aimed at general all-round sailing, intended to be easy to handle, seaworthy in all weather conditions and with performance for racing. Read more...


Wauquiez Centurion 41s (1996) - Sold

Very nice Centurion 41s, ship is very well maintained and all major parts have been renewed. The Centurion 42s is known for its good sea keeping and good speed under sail. In the spacious cockpit you have everything within easy reach, so the ship is also good to sail alone.



Volker 36 (1992, refit 2022) - Sold

Beautiful Volker 36. Ship is completely refitted: new modern paint system inside and outside, completely re-upholstered, new insulation fitted. The ship has a comfortable interior, a fine galley and sufficient headroom in the entire ship. A robust, seaworthy ship with a long keel and limited drought. Equipped for long sea voyages. Read more...


Sirocco 38 MS Steel Ketch (1973) - Sold

Beautiful classic Sirocco 38 motorsailer designed by the famous Dutch yard De Vries Lentsch design, built of Corten steel.



Cheoy Lee 43' (1982) - Sold +++ Curacao

Comfortable motor sailor, well maintained with renewed masts and rigging and a decent set of sails. Read more...


Dehler 35 CWS Top (1991) - Sold

This Dehler 36 CWS has good sailing characteristics, German build quality and is easy to sail with its central electric winch and self tacking genoa  (when rolled a few turns). A spacious yacht on all fronts with plenty of storage space, standing room and sleeping accommodation. The saloon is wonderfully light and beautifully finished with mahogany accents. read more


Puffin 36 Gaffelkotter (1995-1998) - Sold

This Puffin 36 is a work of art. Built to the highest standards. A very characteristic ship, after the example of an old English gaff-rigged cutter designed by Olivier van Meer. Therefore it has good sailing qualities and is very comfortable. 

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Van de Stadt 50 Pacific II (1987) - Sold

Spacious ship, suitable for living on board and after adaptation for further journeys. The ship has a spacious saloon, separate fore and aft cabin, a large galley and dining table suitable for 8 people.

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Reinke M10 Steel (1989) - €43,000,-

Well thought-out design, with twin keel and deck saloon. A fine deck saloon with good all-round visibility and a large cockpit with helm and steering wheel. The twin keels ensure a very shallow draught of 125 cm. Because of the double keels, this ship can easily dry out.

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Noordkaper 36 Ketch (2002) - Sold

The Noordkaper 36 with centreboard is a sturdy steel quality yacht, built by Smits Jachtbouw in Makkum. (Nowadays from Enkhuizen, Makkum). The retractable centreboard, and therefore the shallow draught, gives you access to a large sailing area. This yacht, designed by Martin Bekebrede, is ketch rigged with a cutter foresail.

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Taling 32 (1989-1990) - Sold

Classic sailing yacht. This ship has a shallow keel with lead ballast. The hull was built at the Talingwerf and was finished by the current, first owner. The practical interior is solidly built, with plenty of storage space.



Van Dam Nordia 55 Cruiser (2005) - Sold

The Nordia 55 was one of the most successful types of vessel built by the Royal Van Dam Nordia yard, with a robust construction suitable for long journeys to high or low latitudes. On board a Nordia, everything is of the best possible quality,



Trintella 42+ (1981) - Sold

Very comfortable long-distance sailing yacht. Perfect combination of sailing characteristics and long comfortable stay on board. Suitable for long sea voyages.

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Robert Clark 50 Ketch (1981) - Sold

A mid-cockpit ship for longer journeys, possibly with passengers. Given its design, it is well suited to the somewhat colder regions. The hull is a semi-splant and is heavily built. Designed by the famous yacht designer Robert Clark.

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Caroff Galapagos 43 (1979) - Sold

Robustly built sea sailor, very suitable for long trips and all weather conditions. Also comfortable for the colder sailing areas, since the sailing ship is equipped from front to back with 6 radiators controlled by the Kabola E3 boiler.

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OVNI 40 Aluminium (1985) - Sold

High-quality aluminium sailing yacht with variable draught. With its generous line and high quality, this boat offers you exceptional comfort on board, both at sea and at anchor. The cabin is spacious with enough space around the table for optimal freedom of movement and with three double cabins there is enough privacy for at least 6 people. 

The ship is equipped with all the necessary equipment for a long sea voyage and has plenty of storage space. 

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Helena 38 (1997-Launched 2001) - Sold

HELENA 38 is a modern design with a traditional character. The lines, sail plan, keel and rudder, incorporate contemporary technology, but the HELENA looks like a much more traditional yacht and combines high performance, easy handling and the spacious interior with the characteristics of classic sailing yachts. Read more

Afbeelding 003k.jpg

Northern Classic 65 (2008) - Sold

Excellent maintained sub-superyacht, this demonstration model with all options was first shown at the Hiswa Boat Show in the fall of 2008. Although a ship is considerable in length, it can still be sailed well with two people while the accommodation is very comfortable. An ideal ship to go on a world tour. Read more...


Dufour 34 (1974) - Sold

Very well maintained and well equipped sailing yacht. Ready to go!

On deck: Cockpit with tiller, two new self-tailing winches, rolling genoa. Mainsail hoisting at the mast. No teak and the original gelcoat in a very good state. Read more...


CNSO Kendo 42' - Sold

Sailing yacht in good condition. Three separate sleeping cabins with 2x2 and 1x1 berths, two heads. Spacious galley, quarter bed and generous seating area, all around good visibility through the relatively large windows.



Ketch 43' steel (1982) - Sold

Good strong seagoing ship with windvane steering, centre cockpit and aft cabin, spacious deck. Deep, protected centre cockpit with ample seating and steering wheel. Spacious, open interior, suitable for living on board.



Falcon 44 (2007) - Sold 

The Falcon 44 is a fast one off Worldsailor, built with modern building methods by the owner, in cooperation with Satellite yacht design. The builder/owner has sailed 26,000 miles with the ship in the waters from Iceland to Tierra del Fuego. Read more...


Randell One-off 52 (1976) - Sold

This aluminium one-off cruiser/racer has already made several ocean crossings. Built in Australia and now available to view in the Netherlands. The hull is a classic s-frame, with long overhanging stern. The ship has a safe deep cockpit with steering wheel, she is equipped  with new sails, recent rigging and a new engine. Read more...

Bronsveen Motor sailor 47 (1988) - Sold

Tough motor sailor with lots of space inside and inside with outside steering. The ship is designed in such a way that a couple can comfortably stay on it for a longer period of time.  Read more...


Collin Archer ketch 40 (1983) - Sold

Classic Van de Wiele Ketch, well maintained and fully equipped for ocean crossings. Steel S- shaped hull with canoe stern. Read more...


Emka 36DS (1992) - Sold

Comfortable yacht, suitable for longer distances. The beautifully shaped hull was designed by Wauquez and is semi s-shaped. The upper deck is fully covered with teak and mahogany on top of a full polyester deck. Wheel house with extra steering position. Very well insulated. 



Moody 376 (1989) - Sold

First commissioned in 1989 and with a white hull, this is the boat for economical cruising and spending long periods on board. Well equipped and sensibly laid out. Sought after cruising yachts - these centre cockpit cruisers tick all the boxes.



Collin archer 40 (ca. 1980) - Sold

Beautifully lined Collin Archer motorsailer. Ship is equipped with two lowerable masts, a folding 3 meter long bowsprit (not included in the boat length) and a full set of sails. The ship is built in Cor-ten steel, a low-corrosion steel type, ideal for shipbuilding. The entire hull has been completely sandblasted and preserved both inside and outside.



Van de Stadt 34 (1990) - Sold

Beautifully maintained van der Stadt 34. The 34 is an excellent seagoing ship, able to cope with all kinds of weather conditions. Moreover, it is a fast sailor.



Contest 30B (1976) - Sold

The Contest 30 has a pleasant and spacious cabin with 3 beds and two extra on the benches in the main cabin.  There is also an under all circumstances well-usable galley. The standing height at the galley/cabin is 185 cm. This type has a deep keel for great stability and sailing at sea. Read more...

Etap 38i (1991) - Sold

The Etap 38i was the winner of the 1991 European Boat of the Year Awards. It  won that award in applying a number of innovations that are currently also being adopted by other yards. The light, modern interior with large windows and the good sailing characteristics were the most important factors.


Phantom 38 Ketch (1982) - Sold

This yacht is a tested long distance sailing yacht that is fully and efficiently equipped. Solo sailing with its easily operated kits rigging is easily done. The current owner has crossed the Caribbean alone for years with this ship, and she has been to all the places that you dream of.


Etap 46 DS (2006) - Sold

Excellent maintained (real) deck saloon luxurious sailing yacht with all amenities including air-conditioning, hydraulic winches, deck saloon, electrically operated anchor, washing machine, satellite receiver for television, etc, etc.

Beautiful light, stylish interiors designed by Bertone. A real deck saloon with good views from all around the seating area. Owners cabin and two guests double cabins. Read more...

Volkerak 46 DS (2006) - Sold

A boat with unlimited possibilities, you can sail the world with this vessel. A sturdy very well maintained steel Yawl, the "Don Quichote" is now for sale. The boat is ketch rigged. Equipped with a roomy deck saloon and a plenty of living space.  Read more...

Lidgard 41 (1980) - Sold

The quality of the work inside is John Lidgards best. All the sails are very good, most made in New Zealand. The Boat is very quick and stays upright with a 50% Ballast ratio. Read more...


Trewes IIIA (1962) - Sold

An elegant blue water cruiser, with recent engine and rigging. What you first notice in this ship is its classic appearance, the hull has a great deck line with a beautiful bow and round aft with a long, stately overhang. The ketch rig with two new wooden masts adds to the overall image. Definitely an eye catching boat. Read more...


Beneteau Idylle 51 (1985) - Sold

​Very well maintained Beneteau Idylle 51, Excellent long distance cruiser with many recent upgrades. Good lay-out with three cabins and a fourth crew cabin, now in use as storage. Roomy interior, recently restored with new floors and professionally applied varnish. 3 cabins with double beds. New Raymarine instruments, spray hood, lazy jacks, etc. 



Kesteloo 42DS (1996) - Sold

Shipyard built aluminium sailing yacht with deck saloon. Designed for long sea trips. Fine deck saloon with good views all around. Large cockpit with steering wheel. Single mast with cutter jib and genoa, both on the roll. Well thought-out interior with aft cabin, deck saloon, galley and dining table. Front cabin and spacious shower/WC. classic interior in warm mahogany. Read more...

Converted Dutch Fishing boat (1949) - Sold

​Converted IJsselmeer fishing boat. Two masts. Former Enkhuizer fishing boat completely refitted as a pleasure craft, suitable for permanent living, dus to it's size and central heating. This ship is from a Dutch yard who build the best fishing ships for this region. the hull is very strong build is is in excellent condition. The interior is roomy with all  comfort to make living on board easy. Read more...

Reinke S11 (1999) - Sold - New Zealand

An ideal sailboat for long journeys, easily maintained and robust. The boat is well equipped for a couple to remain on board for a longer period of time. The boat is a calm sailor and sail control does not require much effort when the jib is hoisted and set by means of a special boom. The dual asymmetrical bilge keels ensure the boat can easily dry out. The shallow draught, due to the keel structure, giving this boat a wide sailing range. The insulation is also suitable for arctic regions. The ship has a large cockpit and deckhouse with a raised floor so even when seated there are all-round views. Read more...

Endurance 35 Ketch (1990) - Sold 

Classic blue water yacht suitable for long ocean passages. From this design more than a 1000 boats have been build and you can find them all over the world. T The Endurance is a design of Peter Ibold. This boat has been build by Windboats in England and has a Lloyds A1 certificat. The build started in 1974 but finished in 1990.


Garcia Passoa 47 (1990) - Sold

Perfectly built in aluminium by Garcia shipyard, designed by Mortain/Mavrikios with an interior made by the famous carpenter André Rameau. She is the perfect blue water yacht and in excellent condition, near new and ready to continue. The French Garcia yard is renowned for their strong and convenient world cruisers. The Passoa is an aluminium centerboarder (and daggerboard) which very reliably takes you anywhere at a decent speed.


Nordic Pilot Cutter (1934) - Sold  
​Special, well proportioned solid steel cutter. Length including bow sprit 16,5 m, length hull 14 m. Ketch with authentic wooden masts. Steel hull sandblasted and newly professionally painted, thickness report available. New bowsprit (not on picture), new deck. Interior has traces of it's age, roof superstructure should be renewed. Schip is certified for charter, except for it's masts, they still have to be surveyed. New batteries. Read more...

Trintella 57A (1987) - Sold +++ Turkije

Rigid, well built aluminium hull.  All weather doghouse with all-round view. Very spacious saloon and galley. Thoroughly refitted. New modern sail plan.

Suitable for short handed sailing.


Colvic Watson 35 (1989) - Sold

On this boat you can cheerfully wave in your t-shirt  to sailors deeply ensconced in their rain suits trying to shelter from rain and wind. This Colvic Watson polyester motor sailor was yard built and has a lot of space below decks due to its generous beam. Weighing in at 15 tons and with a moderate sail area this vessel is a real motor sailboat and the sails only need reefing in stormy weather. The closed wheelhouse means you can sail all year round. The owner, a former sea-sailor has always maintained the boat very well. She is well equipped, including a radar, a permanently installed aggregate and bow thruster. It's ketch rigged; mainsail and genoa are recent, only the mizzen is older,but because of limited use it’s still in good condition.  read more

Kvase 1200  (1993) - Sold

This sturdy 17 ton Colin Archer Ketch has just returned from a trip to the Shetlands, after years of journeying the Mediterranean and Red Sea. This is rock solid boat that can take a beating. The large deck has wide gangways  and all windows are either lexan or safety glass. It has a mid cockpit and long keel. The ship does needs some wind to get going, but when she does she sails really well. The hull was built according to the drawings of Mr. K. Kornaat and the interior was designed by the owner. Read more...

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