Lemsteraak (Hoek Design, 2007) 

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Lemsteraak (Hoek design) 16.50m (2004)

Price on request

Newly built according to the specifications of a classic Dutch fishing barge, the Lemsteraak, with roomy cockpit in this fishermans-yacht version is suitable for chartering with a skipper or private use. This 'Gentleman's Barge' has 8 fixed berths in 3 separate cabins plus two more fixed berths in the 'kotje' in the centre of the cockpit. Due to the large space and smart layout, the ship can be used in several ways. The interior has built in white varnished panels with natural oak elements and has a white ceiling. Technically the ship is of course fully equipped,  and has hydraulic winches for sheets and halyards and an electric anchor winch. The ship can also be operated with a small crew, and is good condition. 

One class. 
The ship is built and equipped for participation in regattas. Hoek Design barges are especially known for their good sailing characteristics and high level of finish. This 16.50 m fishing barge also has with some investments the potential for championships in the (Dutch) VA-class. In the class of large, spacious fishing barges, the Blue Thunder is a formidable competitor. For racing, fixed berths are available for the entire 10-member crew.


 The Blue Thunder has a practical interior. Built as a one-off with a custom design, the ship has multiple purposes. The interior layout has been made suitable for groups of up to 10 people in the saloon with spacious seating area. As well as berths for racing with a 10 man crew, sailing with family and friends is ideal , three fully-fledged cabins are equipped with 3 double beds. The heads and separate shower are centrally accessible. The galley is equipped with all the necessary equipment.  


This fisherman's barge is therefore not only suitable as a charter ship and racing yacht, but can also be used as a family cruiser for a longer stay on board. Sailing in the Dutch coastal waters, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are among the possibilities. Additionally the minimal draft of only 1.15m (4') makes this an excellent yacht for the English East coast or the French coastal waters, and it can dry out. Thanks to the balanced rudder and the generous engine, the ship can be easily managed by two people. When under sail, the hydraulic halyards, sheet and sword winches are helpful. Sailing with groups and with the huge cockpit, with the large table in the center it can be used for chartering, etc. 


Due to the business use of the ship, the management and operation of the Blue Thunder has been placed in a Dutch private company (BV). This  fiscally very attractive form of ownership is also offered for sale. This combination is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who can operate this boat for business purposes as a company yacht for sailing with business relations, or a charter yacht. If you take over the company, the tax advantages in the company can be fully utilized by the new owner. Blauwe Donder (Blue Thunder) can be used immediately for both business and private use. Of course, private purchase is also possible, in that case the boat will be delivered with a Dutch VAT declaration.

The Blue Thunder can be viewed by appointment. Are you an entrepreneur looking for a multi functional boat, where the ownership is placed in a company with favorable tax conditions? Are you looking for a ship that can sail in the front of classic boat regatta's? Do you want an impressive, very solidly built ship with elegant appearance and luxurious finish? Then make an appointment for a visit and a complete explanation of the conditions.


Length: 16.50 m
Width: 5.25 m
Draught: 1.15m, lowered swords: 3m
Hull shape: flat bottom, can dry out
Hull colour: Blue/black
Deck and superstructure colour: sand
Deck and superstructure material: steel
Clearance height normal: 23 m
Water displacement: approx. 30 tons
Ballast: 6 tons
Steering: Steering wheel
Rudder: Single, balanced rudder
Keel/sword: retractable side swords

Standing height: 195-200 cm
Main cabin with (dining) table and ample sitting area

Cabins: 3+1
Sleeps: Fixed: 6+2 Extra: 2
Interior type: white with oak elements
Colour upholstery: beige
Water tank & equipment: S-Steel
Holding tank; yes
Water system: electric
Toilets: 1 electric

Shower: separate with wet clothes closet
Cooker & fuel: 4 burner(s) Gas
Oven w. Microwave


Engine and electricity
Diesel engine brand: Steyr turbo diesel
Year of construction: 2004
Number of cylinders: 4
Power: ca. 100 ps.
Hour counter: yes

Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: hydraulic
Propulsion: versatile screw
Cooling: Indirect
Fuel tank number: 1
Total fuel tank capacity(s) unknown
Revolution counter
Oil pressure gauge
Temperature gauge
Battery: 3x200Ah
Voltage: 220/12

Navigation and electronics
Depth gauge 
Navigation lights

Map plotter
VHF radio



Type of rigging: gaff rigging
Number of masts: 1
Mast material: Pine
Bowsprit + type: steel fixed
Rigging: Steel wire
Number of sails: 4
Sailing material: Dacron




Hydraulic and selftailing winches

Equipment outside
Anchors & equipment: 2 
Anchor attachment: Chain
Anchor winch: Electric

Sun tent, covers 
Fenders, lines
Bilge pump: Electric and manual
Safe gas storage

self bailing cockpit with extra pumps